How I Make Money

Below, I have Listed All the Programs I Use to Generate a Lucrative Full-Time Income Online:


Exitus image Exitus Elite:  This program  is owned by industry expert, Paul Stevenson and was launched in March of 2016.  Exitus Elite is an internet marketing and personal development platform that pays member to member instant commissions of $1,300 per referral.  The cost to join Exitus Elite is $1,599 … pay an annual admin fee to the company of $299 and then you pay $1,300 for the Genesis Product Library to your sponsor.    Exitus Elite allows you to have all of your sales made for you with its done for you campaign options and virtual assistants called EVA’s, who actually call your prospects and close your sales for you. Everything……and I mean everything, right down to generating your leads can be completely done for you by Exitus Elite’s powerful system.  Exitus Elite is perfect for the busy individual who wants to earn big money online.  When you partners with me in Exitus Elite, you will become part of an elite community called the Black Ops Underground Marketing Project where you will receive millionaire mentoring and you will learn how to become a top recruiter in any company.  You can get started in Exitus Elite by Clicking here!  You can also learn more about Exitus Elite and the Black Ops Underground Marketing Project by visiting my blog at



Internet Business KitsInternet Business Kits (IBK):  Internet Business Kits (IBK) is owned by Industry expert, Billee Brady and was launched in March of 2015.  This offer pays $150 commissions directly to your bank account.  The products inside of IBK are video tutorials that teach the fundamentals of what you need to start and grow a successful internet business.  This program is great for newbies.  It has the ability to help you earn substantial income quickly.  I highly recommend IBK for the person who is just getting started online.  Inside, you will learn everything you need to know.  Get started here!  You can also learn more about IBK by visiting my blog at


Skinny fiber income oppSkinny Body Care:  Skinny Body Care (SBC) is a United States based network marketing company that officially launched on January 20, 2011.  The company is owned by industry expert, Ben Glinsky.  The company is debt free and rock solid.  Skinny body Care is  currently operating in over 100 countries worldwide.  The company is licensed and registered with over 30 product distribution centers all over the globe.  Committed to helping people stay youthful and vibrant, Skinny Body Care is the ONLY company in the industry to bring you the next generation of weight loss product. From their world class manufacturing facility to using only top quality natural and organic raw materials, their innovative formulas get results!  Skinny Body Care has powerful compensation plan in which you can get paid 8 different ways.  It has a built in marketing system that covers your capture pages and autoresponder.  90% of the work is done for you.  Take the tour here!


Power Lead System Logo Main FB SitePower Lead System:   This affiliate offer is a must have tool for any marketer. PLS is a complete sales funnel system that allows you to collect leads for any business. Most of the TOP Leaders in the internet marketing industry are using this system to dominate the leader boards. Every marketer needs a way to share, present, and enroll new members on autopilot. There is no faster way to build and duplicate any business.  This is the marketing platform I use to create all of my capture pages and to promote all of these programs listed on this page.  Join PLS Here! 


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